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At All Weather Walkies London

We tailor to every owners and precious dog's need. We ensure your beloved pet/s will have the time of their lives.

Running, walking, jumping, ball chasing and playing around in all weathers! We cover areas such as Wandsworth, Battersea, Clapham and Balham.




Dog walks

It is essential that your dog gets plenty of exercise. Dogs require continual physical and mental stimulation to stop them from developing behavioural problems such as barking, chewing and digging which are often a result of boredom and insufficient exercise.


Dogs are walked for a full hour (with collection and drop-off dogs are usually out for 1 1/2 -2 hours), in groups (we never take more than 4) and are always taken to a large open space so that they can have a good run and play (as long as written permission is given for off-lead walking). It is very important to socialise them with other dogs to prevent fearful or aggressive behaviour.

Puppy Care

We can visit your puppy daily to provide food, play, toilet breaks and early socialisation. Once your puppy has received all of their vaccinations, our dog walking service is a perfect way to help socialise your dog with a wide range of other breeds.


The first few months of a puppy's life are the most important and ideally they should be introduced to a number of different experiences, noises, animals and people as soon as possible.


A puppy that is introduced to such a variety of experiences is more likely to be a sociable, confident and well-adjusted dog.


During our 30 minute visit we will let your dog out for a toilet break, give them their meals, provide basic training and most importantly give them lots of fuss and attention! All food, toys and cleaning supplies must be provided. Please note, we have limited availability for this service, but we will always try to accommodate you and your dog as best as we can.

Vet, Grooming appointments
We can help you with transport to and from your vets.
First Aid trained so you can be assured whilst in our care we will take care of your pet. We will be there with you to offer support in an emergency or if you just need to take your pet for a check up. We are not trained Vets or Nurses but we will be able to take instruction from your Vet.
Pet sitting

Our Home Visit service allows your pet to remain in the comfort of their own home, which means that by being in familiar surroundings your dog, cat or small animal will be less stressed throughout the duration of your absence. It is the perfect alternative if you are worried about the effect kennels or catteries will have on your pet, or you are worried about imposing upon your family, friends or neighbours.


The Pet Sitting service is available for cats, dogs and small animals such as hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish, rats and chickens. Is your pet not listed? If not, please contact us to see if we are still able to help - we're always happy to look after the different and more unusual pets!


Our visit will last up to 20 minutes, where we will feed, play, clean cages/ litter trays as well as perform any other tasks you request. Included as part of this service we will ensure your home has that 'lived in' look by bringing in post, taking out rubbish and switching lights on/off etc.

Tel: 07863643302

7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Monday - Saturday


10:00 AM - 6:00 PM


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